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Podaję spis treści numeru jesiennego:

  • Traps in a knowledge transfer
  • Fuel cycle in light water reactors
  • The physics of invisibility
  • Higgs particle discovered?
  • Waves reflection on the boundary of media
  • Lew D. Landau and his school of theoretical physics
  • One problem in physics from Matura (high-school final exam) 2012
  • Students’ misconception about seeing
  • Risky physics teaching
  • Annual awards 2012 for physics teachers of Polish Physics Society
  • What I like most in my profession physics teacher
  • The 3rd Meeting of high school physics clubs
  • What to read. American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • The Fotons’ contest. „Bright waves” problem from IYPT 2012
  • Physics students are helping in preparation for the final state exam in physics
  • The student conference in Vilnius Open Readings
  • The editor PWN project „Physics is interesting

Foton – Pismo dla nauczycieli fizyki i ich uczniów.