Global Chinese Conference on Science Education 2013 Wtorek, Mar 12 2013 

Miejsce i czas konferencji:

7-9 lipca 2013
South China Normal University
55, West Zhongshan Road,
Tianhe District, Guangzhou,
Guangdong, China

Ogólnoświatowa konferencja dotycząca nauczania przedmiotów przyrodniczych, której hasłem przewodnim jest: “Science education and liberal education”.

Tematyka konferencji dotyczy badań w dziedzinie:

  • opracowania podstaw programowych przedmiotów przyrodniczych,
  • nauczania science,
  • oraz praktyk w ocenianiu uczniów

na poziomie szkoły podstawowej, gimnazjum oraz szkół ponadgimnazjalnych.

Informacje ze strony:

Conference Theme
Main theme: Science Education and Liberal Education Sub-themes:

  1. Popular Science Education
    • Environmental education, Liberal studies, General studies, Energy technology & environment, Health studies, Science, Technology and Society (STS), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), etc.
  2. ICT in Science Education
    • Computer-mediated experimentation, Computer simulation, Interactive multimedia, Mobile learning, E-learning, and Classroom response system teaching.
  3. Integrated Science and Separate Science
    • Instructional methods, Learning theories, Teaching effects, Content knowledge, Student learning attitude, and Learning difficulties, including:
    1. At Elementary Level (including Integrated Science and General studies)
    2. At Secondary Level (including Integrated Science, General Studies, Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
    3. At Tertiary Level (including Science and its separate branches)
  4. Assessment of Science Teaching and Learning
    • Development, implementation and optimization of assessment tools; Exploration and improvement of assessment methods; Analysis of the reliability and validity of the assessment tools.
  5. Teacher Education/Professional Development for Teachers
    • Pre-service science teacher education, In-service science teacher education, and Continuing professional development for pre-/in-service science teachers.
  6. Development of Science Curriculum
    • Comparative Study of Science courses around the globe, Improvement of teaching materials, Development of teaching materials and curriculum, Development of teaching equipment and tools, Curriculum design and management.
  7. Develop of Scientific Reasoning Abilities
    • Study on student scientific reasoning abilities, Development of scientific knowledge and scientific abilities.
  8. Science Education in Life-wide/Authentic/Informal Contexts
    • Inquiry outside classroom, Learning science in second classroom, Field trips and field-based learning of science.

Ważne daty:

Important Dates
Abstract Submission: By the 15th April 2013
Notice of Acceptance: By the 5th May 2013
Early Bird Registration: By the 5th June 2013
On-Site Registration: 7th Jury 2013

link do strony konferencji

EASE 2013 International Conference of The East-Asian Association for Science Education Wtorek, Paźdź 9 2012 



The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, China


4-6 July, 2013

Ważne daty:

• Abstract submission: 30 November, 2012
• Early bird registration deadline: 30 April, 2013
• Registration deadline: 31 May, 2013

Call for Papers 

We are very pleased to invite EASE members and other science educators and scientists to the forthcoming EASE 2013 conference. The conference aims to build an international platform for exchange between scientists and science educators. We hope that two academic groups, science and science education, in East Asia and around the world can be meaningfully and truly integrated at the conference through the active exchange of ideas, research findings, and expertise. 

Participants intending to present a paper, workshop, or demonstration are requested to submit an abstract (150–500 words, English) by 30 November, 2012.The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to, educational studies in science, mathematics, technology, and the environment. All abstracts are required to be submitted via the EASE 2013 website. Young scholar awards and outstanding paper awards will be presented during this conference.

EASE 2013 – International Conference of The East-Asian Association for Science Education The 3rd Biennial Conference

Tematyka konferencji:  Building an International Platform for Exchange between Scientists & Science Educators

link do strony konferencji

via EASE.